We provide Enterprise Grade Software Development and IT Consulting Services

Who We Are

Safoa [Sa-Fo-a] Technologies is a US-based software development and IT consulting firm that specializes in providing professional grade software development services for small and large organizations. We provide a full complement of software development services ranging from design and architecture to development and testing.

Our highest priority is providing our clients with robust, secure, reliable, and performant software systems that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We do this by carefully understanding the goals and challenges of our clients. We then utilize modern techniques, experience and skill to provide our clients with solutions that fulfill their requirements. Our business is to assist our customers in realizing their technology goals. We translate our client’s vision into reality. Safoa Technologies’ mission is to provide professional, high quality and efficient services and solutions.

Safoa Technologies is “Your Key To I.T.”

Our Services

Since 2007, our team has excelled in developing large, multi-disciplinary, multi-tiered, client-server projects in various industries and on multiple platforms. We have developed customized solutions to suit the needs of small and large companies. We generally focus in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Web-based Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Internet and Intranet Applications.

Our team of innovative software architects, analysts, developers, and consultants understand Object Oriented Software design patterns and development processes. We make extensive use of modern software development strategies to decrease time to market and to ensure robust and reliable solutions.

Our Expertise

Safoa [Sa-Fo-a] Technologies provides software solutions for our global clients who benefit from our vast knowledge, experience and expertise. We deliver a wide range of comprehensive solutions, including the following:

.Net Development

Our work typically involves .NET design patterns including ASP.NET, MVC for portals, eCommerce, and custom applications. We conceive and design multi-tiered systems utilizing the .Net Framework as well as a variety of other modern technologies. We provide a full spectrum of development services, including Back-End software development on UNIX and Windows platforms, Telecommunications Technologies, Data Modeling tools, Biometric Programming, Extensive Socket programming, etc.

At Safoa Technologies, we utilize mature, sophisticated and well structured programming languages and technologies, that allow us to produce enterprise level applications that are secure, robust, fast and effective.

We utilize the full Microsoft .NET stack as well as Microsoft SQL Server. We provide software development on a variety of platforms supported by the .NET Platform

  • Windows Desktop - WPF and Winforms
  • Web Based - ASP.NET, MVC, HTML, Javascript and Silverlight
  • Mobile - Silverlight, HTML, Javascript
  • Linux - Mono

Our Products

Car and Fleet

“Available June 2014..”

Safoa [Sa-Fo-a] Technologies develops vehicle and asset tracking solutions for consumer and enterprise customers. We provide a full featured set tools for tracking assets using web and mobile devices. These tools allow small and large customers to keep track of their assets and be notified whenever their assets are not where they should be.

Our VTS features:

  • Mobile based SMS gateway to communicate with GPS devices
  • Sound recording and camera services
  • GIS features such as Geofencing
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Multi-level agent based billing system to provide e-Commerce facilities
  • GPS based Fleet Management Services